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Parts of blurb missing, review section disappeared ... all during KDP promo

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So I have these nifty warnings in my blurbs at the bottom, warning of sexual content, foul language, etc.  They work wonders at steering sensitive readers away from my books (and they're unhappy low-star reviews too - they all but dried up after I added the warning).  But during my recent 3-day KDP promo, part of my blurb disappeared (the warning and anything below it - lots of stuff), AND if you scrolled down, there were no reviews to see, although you could still get to them using the hyperlink at the top of the product page.

I sent an email to KDP telling them to please fix, or I'd get another one of those readers who doesn't like cussing or mild teen sexual situations and they'd downstar me.  KDP said they needed until the end of the day Friday to figure it out.  And now here I am, after the last day of the promo (Thursday), with a downstar for exactly what I said.  She liked the book but was disturbed by some of the content - she who is a top 500 reviewer and in the Vine program.  GAH!!!!  I feel quite certain she would have passed on the book had she read that warning in the blurb, but it wasn't there for her to see.  And any reviews mentioning it were gone too.

Now here's the weird part:  post promo, I've sold 6 (SIX!!) books, but have over 100 borrows.  That just makes NO sense AT ALL, especially since you can see from another one of my posts if you read it that the book is now #1 in Sea Adventure stories.  Something screwy is going on at Amazon.  Authors, I suggest you check your blurbs and make sure they're all there. Authors and others who analyze the algos, I sure wish you'd find an explanation for this.  It's making me crazy.
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