Award Winning Author of the Best Spiritual Romance of 2010, Laurie Larsen creates a tale of "miracles and mysteries" in her highly-rated "Path to Discovery".

Path to Discovery (Pawleys Island Paradise Book 5), by Laurie Larsen
249 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 16 reviews

"Once again the story was difficult to put down. It intertwined two different tangential plot lines with a wrap up at the end. Elements included were suspense, romance, a healthy look at what Christian relationships are all about, and thought provoking insights into foster kids and their predicament. The characters had real dilemmas presented by their faith and showed the willingness to allow God to guide them. Really loved this one!" -- Amazon Reviewer
Book 5 in Laurie Larsen's popular inspirational romance series, Pawleys Island Paradise

Life's a beach in Pawleys Island!
Brokenhearted, New York actress Roxanne Frazier welcomes the escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city to take the lead in a beach-town dinner theater show. It's the solace and sanctuary that she's needed ever since her world came crumbling down.
But then he walks in...
Back into her life
And her memories of her worst nightmare
Believing she'll never forgive him for that fateful night, Tieg Miller will do anything to rectify the past and ease Roxanne's pain. As a man of pure, unfaltering faith, he has no intentions of falling in love with a woman who has no place in her heart for his God. When all is said and done, can Tieg walk away from the love of his life or will faith trump fate in a world of miracles and mysteries?
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˃˃˃ From the EPIC Award Winning Author of the Best Spiritual Romance of 2010, Preacher Man
Christian romance grounded in today's modern world.
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A project manager by day in the fast-paced world of high technology, and a novelist by night, Laurie Larsen lives in central Illinois with her husband, two sons and Gracie the Wonder Dog. She is a multi-published author of romance and women's fiction. She became an award-winning author in 2010 when her inspirational romance, Preacher Man, won the EPIC award for best Spiritual Romance. When she's not writing, she can usually be found cheering at a sports event, singing in the church choir, or catching a movie, but never without a big tub of popcorn.

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