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Badass bounty hunter Penelope Ripperson is tired of people going on and on about werewolves. What's so great about wolves anyway? They're just like dogs, only not as cute. In contrast, Pen's pudgy bird form is both adorable and practical. Forget the lupine drama queens: Werepenguins are the new hotness in paranormal.
But now that mysterious police commissioner Clayton Crane has his eye on her, can Penelope keep her secret and protect the city from a new undead menace at the same time? More importantly, will she be able to make enough smart-mouth comments en route to prove how independent she is, even when she should just shut up and do her job?
Penguin of Fortune is a spine-tingling, pulse-pounding urban fantasy novella in the hot-female-bounty-hunter-with-magic-and-an-attitude genre, but also completely original because it has penguins in it, SO THERE.

Short, but hilarious, Penguin of Fortune is available for .99 cents in the Kindle Store.
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