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Photos of specific recipes (Where to find?)

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Hey everyone,
I know that this is a very specific question. Last year I've published a book about vegan nutrition and the importance of an ecological mindset in our society. My book also includes 101 vegan recipes.

Now I want to update my book with pictures for the recipes to deliver a better quality and there's my problem:

I've hired about 4 freelancers last year (they should cook the recipes and take photos) but they all have not contacted me since weeks. I think they have given up.

Then I've searched on Fotolia for matching photos for my recipes but I've found not so much.

My question is:
Do you know a stock photo website which has a big offer for photos of recipes?

I had no problem to invest money but I can't self cook it because I'm not at home during the week. If I would self cook everything on my weekends it'll takes too long. :/

Have you any idea what I could do? Is there a site with a bigger database of recipe photos?

Thanks for help and sorry if my English is not the best. It's not my first language.

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Try or (search under commercial use allowed)
Well now you could cook on the weekend and freeze nearly all of it for eating later.  Good luck on your cookbook. 
To echo jillb, try the creative commons first.
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