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Pick an Genre, Any Genre…

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Pick any genre that is regularly denigated by snobs, or by "once is enough, didn't like it" superficialites, and you get this:

Them: I don't like squid, it's rubbery.

Me: Squid is only rubbery when it's badly cooked. It needs to be cooked for a few seconds or a few hours.

Them: I had it once and it was rubbery.

Me: Yes, because it was badly cooked. Try some properly cooked squid.

Them: No, it'll be rubbery. I know this because I had it once.

Me: Millions of people all over the world enjoy squid regularly. Do you think they all like chewing on inner tubes? Doesn't that suggest you had a bad experience rather than that all squid is bad? Perhaps you may not be fully informed on the subject?

Them: I had squid once and it was rubbery.

Me: (gives up, eats all the squid)

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