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First I rolled my eyes at the subject line.  If you're trying to float a business on such a thin wire that someone borrowing a friends Kindle with your book on it is going to bankrupt you then your business model has way bigger problems.

Then I read your post.

First, you're a HUGE outlyer.  Like top one one hundredth 0.0001 of a percent.  Millions of sales with hundreds of millions in revenue.  Yes, I think it would be very much worth it for you to (probably) hire someone to fire off DMCAs once a month or once a quarter.

As far as people sharing Amazon accounts.  Well there isn't anything you can do about that.  Your only option is to choose to use DRM but Amazon's DRM policy still allows for that one purchase to be used on up to five devices.  So when mom and dad send their triplets off to college, they can buy three kindles, link them to the same account and only buy the super expensive text books once and all three kids have them.  You or your publisher has agreed to these terms when you made the digital version of your book available through Amazon.  

The same goes for fake returns.  No giant superstore like Walmart of Amazon is going to punish every shopper by not allowing returns, nor are they going to make them jump through a bunch of hoops to prove innocence.  Walmart fights this by not giving cash back, but reimburses with a gift card.  Once they have your money, you never get it back.  Amazon could do something similar, but for now chooses to refund with cash.  Again, this is completely out of your control and part of the agreement when you let them sell your product.

It's a side effect of a positive customer experience for Amazon customers, not your customers.
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