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Nope... not a chance. (sorry.)

I work with homeless and drug addicts through a non-profit group, of which I am on the board. I've met and talked with many homeless, and many addicts. At the time I talked with them, of course, they were coming off their high, and they looked/acted like very normal, reasonable, nice people.

But the odds are SOOO stacked against you at this point. Unless you know this girl, my money would be on the fact that your money is already gone, and not to get a car out of parking.

Now.... That being said.... I'm a cynical person by nature, and I really DO hope you get it back. But in my world view, if I go with statistics, assume that you won't and then I'm wrong, I'll be pleasantly surprised. But if I go with statistics and they come up right again, I've already expected and handled the event, mentally. No harm done to my fragile little psyche, right?

Should you have given her the money, anyway? Probably. I would have. I just wouldn't expect it back.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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