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This is our first foray into Vella, though we're not super hopeful about the format. We've put out the first three freebie chapters and submitted to our mailing list. We'll see how it goes!

Plain Jain: The Case of the Can Star

Of all the gin joints.... ...wait, this is a space station, right? Mysterious murders and thefts are occurring throughout The Can, a Metropolis-sized space station, and diligent Jain is on the case! Plain Jain is the name she gives herself because 'Jarco Artficial...yadayada is a mouthful, so it's just 'Plain' Jain. She's a Neuro who thinks she's living in a Dashiell Hammett novel, whatever that is. She's engineered flesh and blood, but she can take the shape of any person that she wants.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor
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