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I'm in the middle of my first blog tour...

It's a lot of work but nice to meet so many people.  I set mine up with 7 stops (just to test the waters).  I'm doing different things on each stop - interviews, guest blog spots, etc... the biggest thing is that I"m bringing music with me - playing "live concerts" at each stop which are recorded for that sites stop.

I worked with a new artist who made me an awesome poster for the tour and am offering a grand prize at the end of the tour for those who leave comments... (it's all here at

I just used my network of writers to find those who fit my book's style, etc. and had the time to have me there.  I'm also open to having people on my site so if you're thinking about a tour, shoot me a message, we'll work something out!

-jb 8)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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