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Pocketbook has announced a new 6" color ereader that'll be retailing for 199 Euros. We don't have an American price yet but Newegg is planning to offer them here. Here's an article about it:

The bloggers seem pretty excited by the idea of color e-ink ereaders. I'm not really sure why other than the fact that it's new. For most people, like me, who just read novels, I don't see any benefit. If it was larger it might serve for magazines and textbooks and comics but for novels I just don't see a reason for it.

That said, since it's new and there's a lot of talk about it there might be a lot of sales at first. I wonder if that'll last, if it happens.

Any thoughts on this?


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I think you're right, it's more the novelty than anything else.

The colour is only going to be at 100dpi which might just about be OK for drawings / maps etc that you sometimes get in books, but no match for a tablet when it comes to reading magazines or books with photos in them.

The price point doesn't seem too bad and I suppose I wouldn't mind if they added that facility to Kindles as long as adding a colour layer doesn't in any way detract from the crispness of the black text - which, as I'm primarily a novel reader, is far more important. I also wouldn't buy another non-Kindle device as I only read epubs when I get a book from the library (not that often) and I already have a Kobo for that.

I think the technology has a long way to go before I'd be seriously interested in a colour e-ink device.
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