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In the midst of all that matters
Lies the rhyming word
With the cover torn and tattered
The stanzas are left unheard

Fret not upon the feast
That lay upon your table
Focus instead among the least
That which has no label

And in the dawn of waking days
Let forth a new beginning
Set free the words that lay
In sorrow and in grinning

In other words, if you have something to share, share it. Don't fret over price. Poetry is a gift. Amazon insists on .99 minimum. I am thinking about publishing some of my poems also. If I could, I would publish it and give it away on Amazon just to get my name out some more and for the knowledge that people are enjoying something that came from me.
We all have an abundance of words (the feast) which many of us have turned into a novel or many novels. And many of us have poems that we have written (That which has no label). Share your word, happy or sad, that is what it is meant for.
Don't expect much. Don't expect anything. Know that there are no great poets. There are no bad poets. Competitions are biased as they are judged by a few people who look for what they personally consider to be good poetry. But the reality of it is that poetry is a personal art that will mean the world to one person and nothing to another. One thousand people may walk over a poem with the same respect as one might use a door mat and yet, there will be one person who frames and hangs it above their mantle. So, write, enjoy, share.  = )
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