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Pop List Woes

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How can I climb higher on the pop lists?

Yes, that's a genuine, embarrassed question.

My book is #51 in its genre (best seller lists) with a sales rank of 1600ish and a price of $0.99. I'm ranked 440ish on the Pop lists! And yet I see other books, same price point, sales rank 3300ish, at 50ish on the Pop lists.

All this is getting me confused. I'm very tempted to increase my book's price, just to see if I'll get a price-weightage jump in the Pop lists, but at these kind of rankings, I feel like something else is going on that I'm missing  :'(

Does anyone have any suggestions? I haven't done a free run for my book (and at about 100 sales per day, I don't plan to - it's too much of a risk). I've been watching books in my genre and a good free run gives you only 700 DL/day, so I doubt that anyone's jumping the ranks with a mega free promo.
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Anyone? Any suggestions? The algorithms just aren't making sense - have they changed recently, is there anything I can do?  :'(
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