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Popular highlighted qoutes...

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So I was checking my amazon page and noticed that I had a few popular highlighted qoutes from my book.
The one that had the most highlights was this:

Popular Highlights

"The past is irreversible. The future was paradox, always present, yet never promised. There was only the moment. The Right Now. There was nothing else."

What's your most popular highlighted qoute?
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I've got two for my 'Depths of Deception' book:

"Parents kept children cosseted in a gullible, naïve state, unprepared for the complex brutality of the adult world awaiting them. Instead of this being seen as child abuse, likely to cripple the future adult, 'innocence' was regarded as a valuable quasi-spiritual state in which to imprison ones child for as long as humanly possible."


"It was peculiar: the people who didn't know how to grow food or even survive unassisted were always the ones telling Africans, who could do these things, how they should be living."
“You say they're godlike. Maybe so, but humans kill their gods.” He looked up at me. “Humans kill everything. They're nature's own weapon of mass destruction.”
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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