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Popularity lists?

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Okay, so, I did two big promos with Lacuna: Demons of the Void and also Rakshasa. I had a sudden upswing in borrows today and I just wanted to see if one/both hit the bump/popularity lists/bestsellers lists etc or if it was just a fluke. Unfortunately, I kind of forgot how to check that stuff.

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Oh David :p

This is the .com page linking to the pop lists. All the categories on the left-hand side will take you to the main genres. From there, you can drill down to whatever subgenre you're searching.

If it's a big surge in borrows you're seeing, it sounds like the KOLL is the culprit. Check out the KOLL cats in your Kindle and see where you're ranked from there.

Edit: Hey, maybe I should include the link!
Wanted to add ... I believe you have to scroll through them manually to find your book. i.e. there is no quickie listing or chart anywhere.
I went through the first 20 pages, didn't see Lacuna, which I expect to be higher. I'll redo my search for Rakshasa, but yeah. Maybe it hasn't hit yet and I'm being paranoid.
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