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tecwritr said:
btw if I see a topic that isn't my cup of tea, I don't read it.
True. I don't read a lot of thread.

Just because you can post doesn't mean you can post anything. If the Mods think the topic doesn't fit in this board, then it is not. Some you agree some you don't but that is the way it is. The Mods have their idea of how this board should be and they have to moderate to keep the board.

When I had my own site and there was a post which I didn't think it goes with my site, I deleted the post. I didn't want my site to turn into something I didn't want. It was only a post but if I leave that alone, it might turn into 2 post then 3 and so on that might change the color of my site. In this case, 2 of the Mods said no... so that should tell something.

My 2 cent.
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