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Portal fantasy on sale for 99 cents!

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This is my first fantasy series and writing it has been humbling.

The series is about a person from around our time who wakes up in the body of a young princess, as a prisoner of an enemy army that’s invading her family’s kingdom. She doesn’t know the culture or politics, or why the war is even going on, or why she’s in this world at all. The book is set in the Macedonian-level technology if magic existed and was so powerful that it impeded technological improvement (for ex., there are no siege weapons because magic performs that function and can stop projectiles).

The first book happens over the course of three days. Because Cayce is being cagey about her situation – she doesn’t want anyone to figure out that she’s an imposter – she can’t find answers about why she’s here and events happen so quickly, with political machinations already in motion behind the scenes, she struggles to gain control of her situation.

In the second book, her defeated army races to escape the enemy army, which is attempting to entrap them in a pincer move. Despite the urgency, the traveling gives Cayce a little more respite, more time, and she learns more about the world she’s in and starts making plans about introducing improved war technology from Earth’s history. However, she’s given hints about who she is and why she’s here through an incredibly traumatic event, which alters her future.

In book three, Cayce moves forward with her plans of improving weapons technology but suffers PTSD from the events of the previous book. Additionally, the weight of responsibility is thrust upon her and she has to navigate placating power-holders to retain their support while not giving into their designs.
Book four begins with Cayce’s planning starting to bear fruition, with some great successes, but the hidden part of her, the reason for her being in this world, is emerging and derailing everything.

As I wrote above, it’s been humbling putting this out there. Some of the critique pointed out problems with my writing – mainly in what I show and don’t show – others corrected my understandings of fantasy genres and others questioned the main character’s course of action. All these comments were incredibly helpful and I took them to heart.

I’m happy to say, and still in shock, that some people really like it. A war veteran wrote me to say that the PTSD is described accurately, and he was very glad to see this in fantasy. A person wrote that while he liked the books, he wanted to see the main character sexually explore herself and was annoyed I didn’t write that. Someone else wrote that they were quite pleased the books did not delve into eroticism. One comment that floored me came from a very kind man who compared my writing to Agatha Christie. I can only assume he was drunk when he read the books.
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I was messing around with the cover, thought this was funny. And then kicked myself for missing April 1st!

Frank S. Quinn

5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyed, immediaely read the others..
Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2022

Grim, funny, grim again, interesting progressions. Really like the voice.
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