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A couple of hours ago I modified an earlier post on Book Bazaar, originally made 20 November and then again 16 ,but it hasn't subsequently appeared. I haven't been able to find any information about who I could contact about this. Can anyone advise?
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I think this is the post you're wondering about:,133502.0.html

Modifying a post will not "bump" it up in the list. Only a new post will do that.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Monique. Yes, that's the one.
Just to clarify, because I know it's confusing and this isn't the first (or last) time this will come up.

Per Forum Decorum, you can only have one thread per book. You can bump the book, which will bring it ever so fleetingly to the top of the topic list, by "replying" to the thread. You may not make back to back posts (replies) to the thread within seven days. You may modify a prior post to include new information if it's been less than seven days. However, that will not, as Monique pointed out, bump the thread to the top of the list. It will reset the "new" indicator for your thread, which many people (like me) use to browse the forum.

Do not start a new thread for your book; it will likely be deleted under our "Off With Your Thread" one-thread-per-book rule. If you are having trouble finding your thread, there are tips for doing so in the FAQ & Threadipedia post at the top of the Book Bazaar.

Hope this clarifies things! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

KB Moderator
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