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It’s the end of the month, which means my book sales stats will again be reset to zero. As I’ve mentioned many times before, it’s a little depressing to start each new month from scratch. Sometimes I think it would be nicer if they just kept the numbers going.

That said, I sold a pretty fair number of books this month. It helped that I ran two promotions and that Kindle Nation Daily gave me extra free publicity by presenting me with an interview by a fifth grader and then publishing it on their site.

I’ve also just finished up with my two-month long marketing frenzy and I am anxious, really anxious, to start back up on my latest Dystopian series. I finished the first draft of the first book back in January and have been letting it stew and simmer for the past six weeks. I’ve fleshed out the characters, setting, and plot and am ready to jump head first back into this one.

My marketing frenzy included downloading long samples of each of my novels to many popular writing sites. I don’t outright solicit my books, but do make mention at the end of the sample that the whole book is available. This seems to be working as my sales have continued to increase even weeks after my promotions ended. The sites keep a counter of readers and collectively, on all sites, I’ve had @ 9,000 reads in the last week. Not bad.

Here is a list of those sites. All of them are free, easy to download, and get great traffic. Do not spam the sites with self-promotion or you will be removed. These sites get readers, use them.



As I now plunge back into my latest book, I am still dedicated to placing writing samples on at least three new sites a week and will continue to update my existing samples. The more you update your samples the higher you will be placed on their new additions list. Good luck.

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