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Terri Campion was everything to Steve when they were both at college, but she could only ever see him as a friend. She dropped out early, traveling the world and having great adventures, while Steve settled down to family life with another woman.

He never forgot about Terri though ... and she wouldn't let him. Because she sent him a postcard from every place she visited, constantly reminding him about the kind of life he could have lived.

But now Terri is dead, killed in a car accident just outside San Francisco. The trouble is that -- after that -- she starts appearing to Steve in his dreams. Side by side, they begin reliving all her old adventures, re-united again in the way he'd always hoped.

What is she really ... just a figure in a dream? A ghost perhaps? Or maybe something far more powerful than that?

There is only one thing you can be completely sure of ... Terri has some plans for Steve.

"This is unashamedly a tale of the supernatural, one with a gradually mounting sense of menace and a carefully laid-out plot, but the strength of the story lies in the reality of the people, the motives and urges that drive them on to act as they do" -- Peter Tennant, Black Static magazine.

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