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Posting Amazon Kindle Book Link to Facebook

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I'm having a problem posting a proper book cover image when I post the Kindle link to my new book on my FB author page.

When I post the link from Amazon, only part of the cover shows up.

When I upload my own JPEG, which then automatically imbeds the link through FB, the same thing happens.

The only time it loads up with the right dimensions is with no link.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Lily, Thanks for replying. Another author showed me how to fix this:

You can replace your Amazon cover with a cropped version that you create. It should fit the dimensions of the FB box. FB automatically takes the center of your book cover, so you're replacing it with the part of your cover you'd rather show.

But this only works on your author page, not on your personal page. (At least, that's what I found.)
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