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I've been having a miserable day, so I decided to go get myself an iced coffee to feel better. I'm sort of friends with the people that own the local coffee shop, but they weren't there when I arrived. I order my stuff, they walk in, and she goes "I need to talk to you." I'm thinking "Uh oh. What'd I do?" She has a DTB copy of Blood of the Dragon that she's reading and they're kind enough to have some of my bookmarks by the register. Of course, it gets crazy busy and I have to wait awhile til she's done. Then she disappears and comes back with her Nook. She plops it down and says "Look at that." I look... she's downloaded ALL of my vampire novellas. And she loves them! Her husband said her face has been buried in her Nook every night since she discovered them. And she also told me she wants me to come write there and she'd feed me lattes all day. Made my day.

Of course, then I get home and promptly spill the coffee I'd gotten for my grandma... But at least I know what project I'll be working on for June.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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