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Has anyone had this problem recently?

I went into to lower the prices of two of my kindle short stories.  I tried and tried yesterday but every time I hit publish I got an error. So I tired again this morning and it went through.  I just got the congratulations emails for both but when I went to check and the amazon product page has the old price. I checked my bookshelf and the bookshelf has the new price.  Huh? Now what?  Does it take some time for the price change to go in effect?  It never has before. I've raised and lowered prices before and usually they're reflected once I get that Congratulations email.

On a separate note... I went to raise the price on one my paperbacks today in Createspace.  I found it a little complicated but I managed to go to the list price in the steps and change the price. It took and I existed... I didn't see a publish button or anything so I logged out. Now on the product page I see my raised price slashed and my old price still in effect. Huh? Did I do something wrong in the Createspace menu or is Amazon now allowing me to raise the price by going in and slashing it?

Thanks for any help,
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