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sstaubin said:
I think rank is more important. Distribution (both ebooks and paper) is something all of us Indie Authors struggle with. Our networks exist at different levels, but how far do they really reach? With a high rank on Amazon's Paid list, Amazon's advertising starts to kick in. This is how the ball starts rolling. The trick is keeping your ranking up, and I think you need to advertise to do that. With few books, you can't advertise much.

So, it all comes down to writing more books. More books allows more advertising; which should improve your rank; which will kick in Amazon's advertising; which will make you rich... ;D

At least that's my plan... ::)
I love your plan. And I agree- ranking is the best promotion because once you get high enough, Amazon's Algorithm takes over and you will keep climbing (even if it's short lived). That's free promotion that works. And it will lead to sell through to some of your other books.
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