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A few weeks ago I was price matched at Amazon to $.99.  As you would expect, sales went up and did my rank.  As high as 3000 at one point.  I think the most I sold in a day was 24, so while not great, certainly better than I'm doing now. 

Price match stopped 5 days ago or so, price went back to $2.99 and since then I've been selling 2-5 a day.  Close to the same $, but my rank is down to 23,000 and sinking fast.  I intended to put it back at .99 when the 2nd book is up, in July...

I don't want to stay at $.99 forever, but I was hoping getting that high would help get some help from Amazon, but that doesn't seem the case.  So a couple of questions...

1. Does it take a while to get into the Also Boughts?

2.  Did the price go back up too soon, and now it's too late?

3.  What would you do?  .99 or 2.99?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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