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Hey All!

My name is Victoria and I work with Printi - an online printing service tailored towards creatives like you! When you print your first book with us and use the promo code FREEBOOKSAMPLE you'll get a single sample copy of your book for free. We have worked with a variety of small self-publishers on a variety of projects (comic books, graphic novels, portfolios, novels, etc). If you're looking to print your work, check us out!

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Greetings! You're welcome to promote your service here in the Writers' Cafe.

Now that you have an official thread, you'll want to add your listing to our Yellow Pages, found here: The listing is free to KB members and is completely self-service; you can add and edit your listing from the page. More information on our Yellow Pages listing can be found here.

In your thread here, we ask that the same basic rules be followed as we have for authors in the Book Bazaar: you may have this one thread about your service and must post to it rather than start a new thread each time. New threads about the service will be removed. Please bookmark this thread so that you can find it again when you want to post. You may not make back-to-back posts to the thread within seven days. If someone responds (as I'm doing with this post), you may reply to them, but otherwise you must wait seven days. Any pattern of posting designed to artificially bump your thread to the top of the forum is prohibited. Please note that very short or (one- or two-word) posts with no meaningful information are discouraged and may be deleted at the moderators' discretion. Lastly, your posts and images will need to meet our "forum decorum" guidelines, which is the case for every member.

You may find that members ask searching questions -- about how your service works, for example, or what they will get for their money, or whether your service adheres to Amazon's terms of service. Such "vetting" is a common here.

Note that members are allowed to provide civil and honest feedback about your service in this thread. This feedback may include criticisms as well as kudos. You may respond to criticism in a civil manner, but name-calling, badgering, accusations of lying, and other breaches of forum decorum can lead to loss of vendor posting privileges.

Any and all disputes between you and your clients should be handled off-site.

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(Note that this welcome does not constitute an endorsement or vetting of a service by KBoards. Members should do due diligence when considering using a service.)

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Mark Gardner said:
I looked at your prices, and you can't compete with Ingram Spark, Createspace, or KDP. If I order 500 copies of my book, then your per-unit cost is $8.50! I can get my books printed by all three of those companies for under $6.50, with no minimum order.
Even has better prices.
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