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TWD Glasgow said:
Does anyone else have this sticking on pages problem?
Yes. Maybe once a week.

I don't know that I have ever had a computer which never once went into a loop AKA froze. Possible exception: Our TomTom GPS, at least in the car. (Is a GPS or an eReader a computer? Yes, in a technical sense although not marketed as such.)

Not long ago, if a computer only needed to be rebooted once a day, that was good. (A full Kindle turn-off/turn-on with progress bar on the screen, as described by Betsy above, is a reboot.)

I'm worried my Kindle is kaput.
You say that your device may be the second version, but if you got it as a gift in 2011 or 2012, and it has a keyboard, it probably is, like mine, the third version. If so, there was a software update silently pushed out late last year that I think -- maybe it's my imagination -- made mine just a little big less stable -- stable being another word for not freezing. The update did have advantages, such as making the fonts very slightly sharper. I throw this slight-buggy-update hypothesis out as a possible, and to me happier, alternative to your Kindle being kaput :)
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