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TWD Glasgow said:
Slightly worried, I've had the basic kindle for over a year now - I think its the second version - (I got it last birthday) and every so often it freezes on a page I'm reading and won't move up or down or go to the home pafe. On these occasions, I have to switch it on and off again. Nothing else works. Does anyone else have this sticking on pages problem?

It's always charged up when this happens.

I'm worried my Kindle is kaput.
Well, there could be something off with the buttons, I suppose.

I'd try a restart...from the home page, press the Menu button, select Settings, press the Menu button again, select Restart. It'll take a few seconds, and then the screen will go blank and the tree screen will appear. Let it do its thing until your home page re-appears

You might also contact Kindle CS; depending on how far over a year it's been, they might be willing to send you a refurbished unit or at least a discount on one.

(Amazon US customers inside the US: 1-866-321-8851, outside the US: 1-206-266-0927. Other customers, see here. )

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