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The prod desc of three of my titles are a mess. Ancient reviews that are no long relevant & had been removed have now reappeared, old blurbs are mashed up with rewritten, revised blurbs. I've been on the phone with Au Central & hope they can fix things.

My husband is having the same issues with his two titles--The Atomic Times & Always On Sunday.

Anyone else notice problems with their blurbs?

I'm a long-time copywriter & work hard on my blurbs & it's frustrating to have them mangled. No one seems to know why this happens but  Kindle/Amazon need to get their act together on this. The prod desc are very amateur looking &, if people won't buy a book because of a typo, what will they think when they see jumbled blurbs? In addition, AMZN doesn't seem to realize that PW and Library Journal are directed to libraries & chain/store buyers, not consumers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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