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Hey Kboards! I'm Lauren Donovan, an editor offering thorough, professional, and experienced editorial services for your fantasy, horror, and sci-fi books and RPGs.

Working as your book project's team member, I can focus on big-picture elements like structure, characterization, and dialogue or mechanical elements like repetition, grammar, and sentence flow. Each line will flow with the consistency and clarity that your book deserves. My 14 years of editing and copywriting experience, degree and writing certificates, and a lifetime of studying writing craft all make me an ideal candidate for your book team.

I don't work in absolutes. The work of editing a book is a team collaboration between the editor and the author. If you prefer your protagonist's inner thoughts to be italicized, and if you like your writer "voice" better in present tense than in past, then we'll work together to keep your book the way you prefer. Polished, but still your own.

I provide a variety of services at different levels to fit your editing or budgeting needs:

Manuscript Critique
Developmental Edit
Line Editing/Copyediting

Pricing starts at $10 per 1,000 words, depending on the editing type and project length. Contact me for short-form manuscript and RPG estimates.

Still not sure Foundry would be a good fit for your project? I offer free sample edits of 1,000 words so you can be sure you like my editing style before you hire me.

Reach out to [email protected] or find me at for more details!


"I think one of the most important things an editor can do is understand the writer. Lauren does this in spades. In addition to her eagle eye at catching mistakes and ability for enhancing intention and clarity like no other, Lauren understood what I was going for. She understood my voice. She understood how to improve it and make the entire manuscript much more cohesive. I can't wait to work with her again."
- Jason Fuhrman, author of A Song for the End of the World.

“I've worked with many editors during my ten-year publishing career, and The Book Foundry's Lauren Donovan is top-notch. The copy edit and proofreading process was smooth and tear-free (as authors, we know this is often not the case), and the style guide Lauren created is invaluable and will help with my future projects. She communicated every step of the way, and I was never left wondering when or if my manuscript was being worked on. I will 100% work with Lauren on future projects.”
- Mia Hayes, author of Always Yours, Bee.

“Simply amazing! Lauren’s edit was, apart from being fast, also very thorough. Most striking to me was how she suggested wording and phrasing that fit seamlessly into the story. And if that wasn't enough, she also provided a style sheet that I can use for my future work. I would recommend Lauren to any (aspiring) writer.”
- Robert Brontsema, author of Deyn's Promise and The Fanciful Chronicle.

“Working with Lauren was a dream! I was always worried about the cost of hiring an editor, but she was so wonderful to collaborate with, and so insightful, that it was worth a lot more than I ever anticipated. She is like a force multiplier! She was always ahead of the schedule she set with me, amazingly fast, and extremely easy to work with. My novel is remarkably better with her input. And her attention to detail is simply astounding. The style sheet will be hugely helpful for any sequels. I can’t wait to work with her on my next project!”
- Hieronymus Hawkes, author of Effacement.

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