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Are you downloading the book to Dropbox from your PC?  ('Cause I can't download to my Dropbox folder on my Fire--I can download to other apps, but not Dropbox...hmmm...)

But files in Dropbox aren't treated as books by the device, so they won't show up that way. 

If you are downloading to your PC, you could then use the Send to Kindle app to send them to your device.  They would then be available to other devices.  Ann knows more about Send to Kindle, she uses it all the time.  I don't use it much. EDIT: Oops!  Beat me to it while I was looking something up.

I didn't have much luck downloading the Kindle version from Project Gutenberg, other than as I mentioned in the beginning; I could download the ePub version and read it in the Overdrive app (or other ePub readers on the Fire) but that doesn't give you the capability to read on other devices.

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