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Hi everyone,

I hope this is ok to post here - if not, I apologize and will remove the post ASAP!

I'm poking my head in to give you a heads' up about a new project I'm working on, called Project Planning for Writers and Other Creatives. It's an online workshop, designed just for indie writers, bloggers, and filmmakers. I've worked with so many creatives over the years who struggle with this side of the writing life, so I decided to create what I hope will be a useful, growing resource.

If this sounds like something that could help you write more, with less stress, I'd love to have you join me! I've created a special 50% discount just for KBoards members:

And of course, if you have any questions about the workshop (or project management in general!) I'd be happy to answer them. Fair warning - when I start geeking out on projects, I can talk forever ;D

I'll add a few thoughts

1) I've done the Project Manager job at a billion dollar company. So I do have a very good background in this.

2) This is an excellent idea. Generally, we have analytical/left brain people who are very structured and we have creative/right brain people who are creative and all over the place. With a little bit of project managment you can create a structure to aid your creativity while also proceeding on time.

3) The single most useful thing I've found is - breaking things into smaller chunks. If you set weekly targets and monthly targets, then it often ensures that you never have two bad weeks in a row. Writers who complain about writers' block and not making progress - they wouldn't have that problem if they used Project Management and smart goals.

A lot of the problems authors face (cover, reviews, editing, promotion, writing) are all basically projects that

a) Can be broken into small, actionable chunks.
b) can be done better with project management. Actually, manage it like you would a team or a big work assignment.

I can't say anything about this specific course - However, it's well worth it to get some course on Project Management and use that to write more efficiently and basically do everything more efficiently.
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