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Promoting Book No. 2?

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Do you spend time promoting your second book (or third etc) book in a series, or do you only promote your first?

Do advertisers accept a second or third book in a series to promote to readers?

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It's definitely worth promoting subsequent books in the series, at least with launch announcements, so that people know it's out there. Several sites have new book features that will takea book with no reviews within a certain period of launch, which is useful.
VH Folland said:
It's definitely worth promoting subsequent books in the series, at least with launch announcements, so that people know it's out there. Several sites have new book features that will takea book with no reviews within a certain period of launch, which is useful.
Is there a list of those sites anywhere around here?
I'm bumping this post back up now that it's relevant to me too  ::)
I'm starting to plan the release for a second in a series, but feel like I should just be pushing the first book more again with a "The second in the series is also out now" tagline.
For me, the first book started out selling strong, but with a lack of a sequel and further marketing efforts for a year or so it's dribbled down to nothing. I feel like I could almost launch the trilogy from the beginning again.
Does anyone have any advice? In my mind, I see it as if you're first book is selling well and you've got readers on the hook waiting for the next one, then yeah, you'd promote the next one... but if you don't, keep promoting the first?
Keep promoting all of them. If you slack off on the 1st book, the rest of the series suffers. If you don't promote later books, ppl don't realize they are there. Yes, they might be waiting for it, but so much stuff is pulling on everyone that they may have forgotten. Act like they won't remember you when you plan your promos. It really helps when figuring out what you need to do. Promote each cover, each book, each blurb. After a book is out, you can promote the cover by putting it in swag like bookmarks. Keep that image in front of people. Keep the text and characters in front of people. I'm seriously thinking of doing a Q&A with one of my characters on FB. Keep it fresh. Don't blast them with ads. Blast them with teasers. For ppl who already read your book and liked it, they'll enjoy seeing the swag and hearing the quotes. It also reminds them to grab book 2.

This is the swag giveaway I'm doing now. The first book is on everything. It's gotten a lot of attention and has only been up for a few days.

I've done stuff like this that works well. It's trivia - stuff about the book along with a variation of the cover art.

In 2012 there is a series of outtakes from the cover shoot for DEMON KISSED:
Its really funny when you look at those compared to the normal cover.

I also post fan art, pictures of the paperbacks, and anything else that has anything to do with the book. I primarily use fb, and recently started on twitter and pintrest. FB is very visual. Pictures work well.

The main thing with anything is to keep in front of people. A large part of promotion is this kind of stuff, having an online presence and allowing fans to find you and remember you. Start small. Pick something and own it.
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Promote 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

For real though, promo on later books works. I don't think everyone cares about starting with the first book, and those who do will see your new book, search back for the first one, then pick it up, maybe along with the current one. Or if you regularly advertise at a given site, maybe its readers already have your first book, but weren't aware a new one's out.

Hard to say exactly what the shopping habits are. But I've promoted all three books in my main series, and as long as the place I'm advertising them has a good readership, they all get results that justify the ad.
Selina, I recently (March) had a promo for my second book run on BookBub. I made my money back and the books did ok after that, but not fantastically.
I'm just concentrating on writing Book 3 now - and after that maybe some short spin-off stories to put on wattpad.
I like what Holly said about planning promos as though your readers don't remember you. When I do the newsletter mailout etc etc for Book 3, I thought I'd go heavy on trying to recapture the atmosphere and doing 'movie posters' (as Millard was posting about here recently).
I'm going to redesign the website when the third is done too and incorporate bits of all three books on the home page.

Does this mean you're almost there with Book 2? Woo hoo!
Lots of great advice, thanks! I'll be doing a big release promotion for my second book, but I was thinking of also doing a blog tour with the first book in the series at the same time, try and give both books a hit at the same time to catch both new and ongoing readers. We'll see what happens anyway.
I always get so jealous of US authors about swag. Being in Australia, the "send me a SASE and I'll send you swag" deal gets too complicated and expensive for international readers. I really only do fun swag stuff for big events like releases, and get HEAPS of cool things made up, since my books are illustrated and I run an art merch manufacturing business  ;D

Anya, yep! Book two is off with the editors now! If you want to read it any time just drop me a line! I also just finished the cover and was about to post it up here at the mercy of KB's critique. I'm aiming for an end of April release, we'll see if I make it. I've got about 40 illustrations planned for it to finish before then...  ::)
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