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Hi, people,

I’ve always appreciated promo results other authors have shared over the years, so here’s my contribution.

I published a psychological thriller trilogy called Winnetka Road on Amazon (only) in the summer of 2018. I promoted the first book free in July, 2018 when it had no reviews.

I briefly promoted Book 1 in November, 2018 and didn’t do anything with the series again until the pandemic, when I decided to write Book 4. (There was a complete resolution in Book 3, but I wrote additional adventures in Book 4.)

When I promoted the first book this January, it had eleven reviews and a four-star average.

I’ll compare the 2018 and 2021 promos below, but briefly I conclude--times have changed.

In the first three months following my 2018 summer promo, I had a 5% read-through (by that, I mean that 5% of the total free downloads led to read-throughs of Books 2 and 3).

In 2021, it looks like I might hit a 2% read-through in the first three months if I'm lucky.

This was initially disheartening until I did some research and saw my numbers are not out of line with average results at the moment.

My 2021 KENP numbers were about half what they were in 2018, but strangely—paid sales were a lot greater this time. So…maybe Kindle Unlimited people are downloading a lot more than they once did, but reading a lower percentage. At least, they aren’t reading my series the way they did in 2018.

Total cost of promotions this year was $352.50, so for the first time ever: I made a profit (thrilled!) since I didn’t buy a new cover, pay anyone to format this (used KindleCreate) and had (English major) friends proofread.

Here's the breakdown:

Promotion of Book 1, 2021 (First Book free on Amazon for five days. Sales and KENP are for the entire series):

January 1: eReader IQ, BKnights, Book Raid:

Free Downloads: 1407
Paid eBook Sales: 13
KENP: 238

January 2: Freebooksy

Free Downloads by midnight: 1877
Paid eBook Sales: 13
KENP: 1525

January 3: Robin Reads

Free Downloads by midnight: 1835
Paid eBook Sales: 11
KENP: 2166

January 4: ENT, Fussy Librarian

Free Downloads by midnight: 2487
Paid eBook Sales: 23
KENP: 3155

January 5: Book Adrenaline

Free Downloads: 609
Paid eBook Sales: 9
KENP: 5728

Five-Day Grand Totals:

Free Downloads: 8, 215
Total KENP: 12,812
Paid eBooks: 69

A week after the promotion, I vaguely remembered the KENP numbers being a lot higher when I promoted Book 1 in 2018. Back then, I used BKnights, Freebooksy, eBooksoda, eReaderIQ, Bookraid, Book Lemur, Books Adrenaline and eBookHounds over a three-day period. (Couldn’t get Robin Reads or ENT at the time. Need I say, I couldn’t get BookBub.)

I had trouble accessing my individual day totals for 2018, so the following compares 31-day results (first day of promotion through day 31) for 2018 and 2021.


Total Free Downloads: 5743
KENP: 140,825
eBook Paid Sales: 90
Paperback: 0


Total Free Downloads: 8215
KENP: 74,246
eBook Paid Sales: 158
Paperback: 6

So this time, I had about half the KENP reads, but a heartwarming percentage greater in books sales. A few days into February and I’ve sold 6 and gotten about 4000 KENP.

I read on WrittenWord Media blog that authors making $250-999 a month have an average of 17 books published, so my plan is to keep on writing. Of course, by the time I get 17 books published, the average number needed for $250+/mo. will be 34.

I kid.


I’m sorry this is so long winded. I was gone from here a few years care-taking my husband and then with burnout after he died. I'm recovered now and doing great, but I'm still pretty tired so forgive all mistakes and if I'm late in responding to anyone who comments. I hope to add signature books another day.

Hope you all are doing great. Bye for now.

Lori (aka J.S. Sheridan)

P.S. My only notes re: my November, 2018 promotion for Book1 is I did a promo with ENT resulting in 1300 free downloads, which resulted in the same 5% read-through in the following three months.

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This is all great stuff; thanks so much for posting it, Lori! It's great to see that there was more sell through this year. It gives me hope! :) Many thanks again!

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This is all great stuff; thanks so much for posting it, Lori! It's great to see that there was more sell through this year. It gives me hope! :) Many thanks again!
Thank you so much. You inspired me to get my act together and post my info. 🤗✌
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