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At the end of June, I will have advertising space for ten book covers down the right hand side of my blog, which I can link to wherever you like (your book listing, Facebook Page, Blog, Website, etc).

To see the size look at, right hand side.

Would like to swap this blog space with others. You place one of my covers on your blog and link to an eStore, and I do the same. Preferably would like to do this with an Author who writes Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, or Young Adult novels. If you don’t run a blog you could trade something else week on week for the space ... like two tweets a week mentioning one of my books, or something else we agree between us that is comparatively equal in value.

I do this with another Author (swapping blog ad space) and it works quite well. It’s a simple arrangement where if you want to cancel at anytime you just ping me an email to let me know so I can offer the space to someone else, and vice versa.

If you’re interested could you direct message me please. Or if you have a question post it here.

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