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Want to know what happens when two woman are addicted to reading romance novels?
They start a business to get rid of their biggest pet peeves in books..... What are those you ask?
Poor editing, boring blurbs and crappy covers!
Its true.. We totally judge books by their covers. How do you not? There are thousands and thousands of romance novels out there. So, the chances of us reading the description on your book with a boring cover is pretty slim.
Now, once you get us to the description, you need to pull us in!
And finally, if those two things are on point and we buy your book it is beyond infuriating if it is riddled with errors and doesn't make sense.

We have current openings for proofreading. Any romance genre including YA, dark, paranormal, erotic etc.

We are adding new stock photography and premade covers all the time!

Check us out:
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