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Pro - Having children means the chance of passing on your creativity, as new research suggests it may be an inheritable trait.
Con - Having children will make it nearly impossible to be creative at any time one of your children needs you, which can at times be every second of the day.

Pro - There's a marvelous amount of life you can inject into your stories if you have the breadth of experience raising children provides.
Con - Some people may not find reading an anecdote about peanut butter and keyboards amusing, and the cleanup from the real events which inspired the fictional account are never pretty.

Pro - Knowing that your children are able to operate as remote controlled servants allows you to restock on writer goodies like caffeine and chocolate.
Con - When young, they sometimes bring you make believe food; when old they mainly retrieve sass and demands for car keys. (Prime years are 6 to 12. Enjoy that third of their lives with you.)

Pro - Children make for wonder sources of inspiration. Their imaginations are fertile and beautiful.
Cons - Some days children do not stop talking.

Pro - They make wonderful company for your spouse during those writing/revising marathons, or when you're off to a convention or movie deal meeting. (We can dream.)
Con - Your spouse will expect you to actually help raise them, and that means a lot of work and having to talk about hard stuff.

There's more. Only the inspiration for my post is screaming now, so I have to go away.
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