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Pseudonym and author photo

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would you use an author photo if writing under a pseudonym?

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Entirely up to you. If so you could use your own or there's always stock photos.

I use a photo for every pen name. Some of them are just not super recognizable as me, and others are photo manipulated to be more Avatar-ish than realistic.
SM Reine's a pseudo, but the stabby, cherub-faced sheila in the avatar is indeed me. I never leave my home office, so it's not like I'm afraid of getting recognized or something. ;)
Same with me.  If people recognise me they've probably already been bored to tears with my tales of writing anyway.  They're still friends and family though  ;) 
I use a pseudo not necesarily for privacy but to keep my writing world and my lawyer world separate. So yes, I use a photo of me for my author photo. I don't care if people recognize me. If they do, it means they already know me and I'm not ashamed for them to know I write.

If I was using a pseudo because I wanted to keep the writing a secret, I'd probably use a photo of me that was unrecognizable, such as a cleavage shot (no head) or me behind sunglasses or something.
A good (and probably not very pricey) professional photographer in your area could probably help you set up a photo shoot with several very different "looks"/personalities, that wouldn't even be recognizable as the same person post-editing, as long as you gave them a head's-up ahead of time that that's what you'd like to do.  Just a thought. :)
But of course!

(See picture to the left)
You could also use your own photo and crop it to show only a portion of your face. Kind of like Seth Godin shows his head only from the eyes up. It is a great way to brand yourself, or pseudo, if you always use the same shot, as Godin does.
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