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I'm not convinced by this blog, which lists ten reasons why Kindle will have a hard time making an impact.

Two samples:
* It tries to charge $9.99 for digital content which as we know is going to be a difficult business to be in. You can charge for live content, fine - a book is live content, you hold it and turn its pages and experience it live, a ebook reader is not live content, just a window.
* Appalling design. No, let's just say it's horrible.
* Nausea. Have you ever tired to read a screen in a taxi or train?

Read the rest at the link if you wish... but I think their concerns are off-base. Specifically, the fact that Kindle is not Open-Sourced is a sidebar issue that will only have meaning to few. And, its inability to access GoogleDocs or 37 Signals will affect almost no one. Yes, everyone - including Kindle's target market - uses MS Word!!

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