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Pubit: Can't upload. What should I do?

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Many of us are experiencing the same problem: we can't revise our works or upload new ones.

I'm not sure what's going on there.

Should I simply unpublish all my works on Pubit, then have them published through Smashwords?


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Two days ago, I uploaded a new epub file for one of my books and then a red banner appeared saying they were having technical difficulties and to come back later. The next day, I was going to try again, but when I looked at the book that was already downloaded, it was the newer version. So, it did work, it was just that it came up with the red banner.
MH Sargent said:
So, it did work, it was just that it came up with the red banner.
This. I've made several price changes over the past week (probably 2 price changes per book for 5 titles, not including the various product description changes I've made separately) and each time I get the red "we're experiencing difficulties -- come back later" message when I hit the button to register my changes, but when I come back, I discover that the new changes have already gone live.
On the 17th I uploaded the 4th book in my series and got that red banner but it said "processing" in the "My Titles" tab so I waited. Three days later, I tried again with the same results and sent a complaint. Checked the Pubit! message boards, found others with the same problem, some waiting anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, so I wait. Tried again twice in as many days through different servers until I had 4 of the same title processing. Sent another complaint. Then I went to B& to see if my paperback had populated onto the site and BOOM the ebook was live on the site and there were 4 different versions to buy from and yes, all 4 were still processing. On the 24th everything went live and I was able to take down 3 of the 4 titles. Oh and I got an email from customer service to let me know my ebook was live on the 26th  ::)
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