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Publishing schedule for shorts - before or after novel? Or both?

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Hello everyone!

I've written a post-apocalyptic science fantasy called The Last of the Ageless that I'm currently having edited. It should be ready to publish on August 1, and I plan to put it into KDP Select for the first 90 days, and then put it up everywhere else November 1.

I also have 5 short stories (all 3k to 5k in length) set in the novel's universe that I'm also currently getting edited and covers for. They all take place before the novel, but some of my beta readers read the shorts after they read the novel and enjoyed them that way. I'll be putting the shorts into KDP Select/KU and leaving them there indefinitely.

Would it be better to release the shorts 1 month apart before the release of the novel, or after the novel?
Or perhaps a mix of both... maybe 2 before (in June and July), 3 after (Sept, Oct, Nov) to hopefully stave off the 30/60/90-day cliffs (especially as I leave KDP Select). That's what I'm leaning toward now.

The reason why I ask is that I have to get a zoning license and business permit in my municipality, and in order to publish all 5 one month apart before the novel comes out, I'll end up having to pay $150 zoning permit fee twice, as I'll be moving out of my apartment in a couple months. It doesn't really seem worth it to pay $150 twice if I don't have to, so that's why I'm leaning toward publishing 2 shorts before the novel/after I move (so only getting the zoning permit for the new place), and then publishing 3 after the novel comes out.

Does 2 prior to the novel's publication and 3 after the novel's publication seem like an OK strategy?

This is my first time publishing, so I want to do it right. I'll have links in the back of all the shorts pointing to the novel (once it's published, or a landing page until it's published). Thanks for your help!
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I don;t know what a zoning permit is about or how it reflects with your publishing. however, I have a series out still unfinished and I just started interspersing them with shorter stories, part novels etc.,

So, I think it doesn't really matter if you do one, or two beforehand to pull people in you would need to time the release of your novel to coincide with the upswell from KU. It might also benefit you to put all of them out before the novel to create as big a following as possible to lead them by the nose to the novel.

My first short is doing well in advance of the final in the series coming out next month. I hope to put out one more before it's released and they will produce a fairly decent increase in activity on the launch and help propel it in the rankings.
TobiasRoote said:
I don;t know what a zoning permit is about or how it reflects with your publishing.
Oh, yeah, sorry for the confusion. This'll be my first book, so I haven't established a sole proprietorship, doing business as, or anything yet. In my municipality, you also have to have a business license (taxes) and a zoning permit to start working from home, even in an online business. It sucks, but I'd rather start on the right foot with all local, state, and federal taxes than get nailed later for something I should've done before I got started. Unfortunately, that means that whenever you move, you have to get a new zoning permit. The timing is terrible.

TobiasRoote said:
you would need to time the release of your novel to coincide with the upswell from KU.
Any tips on how to do that? I thought publishing one short to KU in June and a second in July would be good timing if I release the novel on August 1st. Does that sound about right based on your recent experiences? Thanks for your input!
There's no magic formula involved.  I'd say publish as soon as you feel that your work is ready.  If you want to space things out a bit, 4 to 6 weeks would be enough time in-between releases.

Good luck!  I hope whatever path you choose works really well.
Thanks for the kind words! I'm sure there's gotta be more people publishing shorts to Amazon now than ever. Any input on your experiences is a great help.
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