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A while back I asked if periodicals would accept stories even if they were self-published. The consensus was "probably not." I love self-publishing, but would still love to see my stuff in good old fashioned ink and paper. I've run across a few that will consider it, so I wanted to start a list. If anyone knows any upper-tier markets that will consider publishing a story that has previously been or is self published, add it to the list. I'm sure there are some of us still interested in that sort of thing. I'll go first.

Glimmer Train -
Open submission (no fee to submit) held January, May, September. Prize - $700 and 10 copies
"Regarding previous online publication: It's okay if your submission has been previously submitted on a blog, an online magazine, or in Kindle (or other self-published form), as long as you have sold fewer than 50 copies."
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