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Question about Amazon Prime

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Gahhhhhh!  My three year old managed to deregister my Kindle Fire last night.  My fault for not paying attention to what she was doing, no excuse.  I again registered it to my account.  Today when I was browsing Amazon (yes I'm an addict) it told me that my membership now comes with unlimited videos, etc.  I have been a Prime member of a family account for several years.  I did receive my "upgraded" Prime membership when I first registered my Kindle Fire.  Sure enough I now have full Prime benefits.

What should I do now?  I do NOT want it to look like I'm trying to take advantage of anything or receive a month of service of which I'm not entitled.  Should I call Amazon?  I hate to do that though for obvious reasons.

Help! :)
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I'm kind of surprised that if you re-registered it to the same account that you got the upgrade. ??? I'm sur not everyone would say this, but, yes, I think you should call Kindle CS (Amazon US customers inside the US: 1-866-321-8851, outside the US: 1-206-266-0927. Other customers, see here.) and ask them about it.

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