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Question about camera and process (need your help)

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I'm writing a scene where a young woman in China lures a man to a hotel room and takes a video of what transpires. She is very poor, so using top of the line equipment is not an option. No IPhones or fancy video equipment. What sort of 'cheap' but feasible way could she secretly video? Then how does she get duplicate copies of what she captures? In what form? She will mail one copy to the man but on what? Jump drive? Disc? If it's video, no prints are available, right?

I know nothing about this sort of technology, obviously. So thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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What about a flip or similar recorders?  They are as cheap as $30.  I'm sure cheaper if this story is taking place overseas.  Or just a p&S w/ video capability.

Then how does she get duplicate copies of what she captures?  - She'd need to download the video in most cases and then copy it to another source, USB drive, or the file could be emailed, dropboxed, etc. 

In what form? Some cameras will record on an SD card.  Some will record MP4, MPEG, etc.  You'd just need to pair w/ the camera type you chose (easy google/amazon) search.

She will mail one copy to the man but on what? email, the original SD card, USB, CD, etc.

If it's video, no prints are available, right?  If she has a computer, she can have prints made.

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Maybe this is just too silly, but what if she had an old Super 8 from the 1970's? She'd still have to find a way to make a digital copy, but maybe they have a retailer something like Walmart or Walgreen's to convert it for her cheap.
Are we talking modern day? If so, there are a handful of cheap compact video recorders – basically memory stick with a lens and video processor.

Once the video is captured, write into the story use of a computer at a computer cafe or library.
Limit the details so as not to get lost in them; with technical, less is definitely better.

I'd then keep the story to her just plugging the camera's USB into the computer and then plugging a thumbdrive in. Next step is her copying the video to the thumbdrive.  That is it, again, limiting details.

Any more than that and some reviewer is going to yell about needing Windows 98 Drivers…  ::)

EDIT: Not sure any models do this, but there could be some cameras that allow offload direct to a thumbdrive via USB. Not sure any offer USB Host ports though which is why you'd need a computer in the middle.
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Super-8 is a possibility, but you only get just over three minutes of "what transpires" per reel. More useful is an older cellphone with a video camera in it, honestly. Think a domestic Chinese clone of a Nokia from five years ago, or thereabouts. As commentators on Youtube like to say "Ah, 240i, so we meet again."

The video would be easy enough to copy to a CD-R, say, though it might well be in an obscure or proprietary format that the recipient can't immediately/easily view, like AMV.
Maybe the equipment could have come from a tourist.  It could be an opportunity to show the girl's character:  If she's dishonest she may have stolen it.  If she's honest, she could have found it, and tried to return it, but was unsuccessful.

And maybe she goes to a library and uploads it to an email?
Thank you, everyone. You've given me some great ideas. Off to implement them now!  :-*
There are those VCRs with cameras built into them, used for undercover police work and nannycam stuff. Great for spying.

From there, you can digitize the video tape, print frames, etc.
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