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Question about First Publication Rights

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So I started writing stuff online before ebook self-publishing was a viable alternative to trad pub.  This was I guess 2005.  Back then there was the idea that if you were writing seriously and you wanted to be published you shouldn't put your stuff online for free because if people could read it it was published and trad publishers want first publishing rights.

Is this still an issue?

I have a short story that I wrote that I'd like to test the waters on by putting it on which is the original fic companion to

If, after some time I decided I wanted to self-publish the story on Kindle, would I be able to do that or does Amazon frown on that?

I mean, 50 Shades started on so I figured the rules must have changed.  Have they?
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It isn't a first publishing rights issue, but Amazon routinely blocks content that they consider to be "freely available on the web".  The idea being that their customers don't like paying for things that they can surf up for free.  You could, however, strategically put SOME things in those kinds of places and then save stuff you plan to sell for Amazon.
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