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Question about Foreign Rights / Agents -- HELP!

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Okay guys, need some opinions/advice: I just got an email from the NURCIHAN KESIM Literary Agency in Turkey, stating that they have a client interested in my book. I did some research online and this agency seems legit, finding a lot of US based agencies use them for Turkish rights.

My question: How do I proceed with this? Haha, easy one, right? I know some of you out here have dealt with foreign rights before and was hoping for some sort of game plan before responding.

Thanks for any help!

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Not sure what to tell you, David, but congratulations!  :D

I guess I would contact a few U.S. literary agents, and kindly ask their advice about any pitfalls dealing directly with a Turkish Literary agent yourself.

That's what I would do, and also respond to the Turkish agent, letting them know you appreciate the offer, and ask for more details.

Nancy  :D
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