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I had a very similar situation myself two years ago. There's nothing you can do about stock that's already out there, unless you want to try to buy it all up!

But you're not doomed.

The secret is to publish your new version yourself with a slightly lower price. Assuming you use the proper distribution routes that can get the book on Amazon, the newer cheaper version will be the ones to show up first before the older versions (all versions of a book will show up forever, even out of print ones, so there is a space for people to sell old / used books).

So when you look up a popular book like "Utopia" on Amazon, you'll see all past and present versions listed, with the newest and cheapest first. See:

And if the old version is out of print, it won't get prominence in Amazon searches anymore once your new, in print version is established.

Note that Amazon/Createspace/KDP or whoever you go through to get your items on Amazon will most likely ask for proof that you are the owner of the content, so be prepared to present that.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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