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Question about "Unpublishing" a Book

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Yes, I know that when you want to make updates to your novel you can upload the new version to replace the old. . . .

For research purposes, though, I'd like to know your experiences with "unpublishing" a title from BN or Amazon entirely.

How long did the book take to disappear? Did it not disappear at all (i.e. were you left with a "phantom" book connected to your account forever)?

Did you try to upload it at a later time and have trouble?

Any experiences appreciated. :)
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I've never done it on Amazon, but I have unpublished a version of Glimmer on Barnes and Noble.  It went away from the site almost instantly, but it is still in my line up on my dashboard and there isn't anyway to take it off.
I unpublished it because it was all garbled and converted weird and I needed to start from scratch.
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