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Question about "Unpublishing" a Book

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Yes, I know that when you want to make updates to your novel you can upload the new version to replace the old. . . .

For research purposes, though, I'd like to know your experiences with "unpublishing" a title from BN or Amazon entirely.

How long did the book take to disappear? Did it not disappear at all (i.e. were you left with a "phantom" book connected to your account forever)?

Did you try to upload it at a later time and have trouble?

Any experiences appreciated. :)
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I once accidentally unpublished my book from Amazon. Yes, another facepalm moment  :D

However, while it was offline from my account 'bookshelf' for about 24hours, it didn't actually disappear from the site at all. I didn't try to buy it, but I presume that unpublishing isn't an instant takedown. The actual book page that people see stayed the same--there was no message that said "this title is unavailable in your territory", and it also didn't have the Amazon message about unavailable pricing information.

I don't whether my account is glitchy, or whether everyone who unpublishes has to wait a while for their books to go offline.

I also can't remember what the status bar said during that 24hours.

Hope that helps.
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