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Jeremy said:
That makes sense, thanks for the prompt reply.

The Kindle + gift card was my fallback plan. I just thought it would be really cool to give someone a kindle with a handful of books preloaded, where the books are relevant to our niche. But I guess if it's too much hassle because the books are more or less tied to my account and couldn't technically be transferred to the new owner, that's the route to go.

As a side note, maybe Amazon should add a feature to their Kindle ordering page where you could select books to preload on your device when purchasing as a gift. Wishful thinking, I know :)
Unless you were thinking of business-specific books, you could load some of the public domain books that are free downloads from,, or one of the other non-DRM sites. A few of the classics, maybe. That way there's some good reading already on the Kindle, and if the recipient isn't crazy about those books they're easily deleted. You could also include an Amazon gift certificate for purchase of more recent books of the recipient's choice.

(Great gift, by the way - if you do this, I hope the winner appreciates it!)
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