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How Recommendations Work
Are my recommendations saved so I can look at them again later?
No. Your recommendations will change regularly based on a number of factors, includingwhen you purchase or rate a new item, as well as changesin the interests of other customers like you. Because your recommendations will fluctuate, we suggest you add items that interest you to your Wish List or Shopping Cart. We wouldn't want you to miss something you might enjoy!

Why was a particular item recommended for me?
You'll notice "Why?" and "Why was I recommended this?" links next to recommended items on most product home pages. Click these links for a chance to rate or exclude the specific purchases and ratings we used to make a recommendation and therefore influence future recommendations that we make.

How do I turn off recommendations?
Simply click the link on our home page that says "If you're not (your name), click here." Then, leave the e-mail and password spaces blank and click the "" tab. This will remove our recommendations for you until you sign in again.

Can I delete items from my "Items You Own" list?
You may delete any items that you've told us you own. On the "Items you own" list, you should see the following sentence next to these items: "Already own this item (delete)." Click the word "delete" to remove the item from your list.

It's not currently possible to delete items you have purchased on However, you can prevent these items from affecting your recommendations--just uncheck the box next to "Use to make recommendations."

Improving Your Recommendations
How can I get recommendations that are better suited to my tastes?
First, tell us more about what you like by visiting the Improve Your Recommendations area. If you are a new customer, help us get to know you by going through our Recommendations Wizard.

Also, if you're unsure why we are recommending a particular item, click the link labeled "Why was I recommended this?" which appears beneath each item when you view Your Recommendations. We'll tell you which of your previous ratings or purchases influenced our suggestion, so you can then revise your ratings or exclude those purchases if necessary.

How do I exclude gift purchases--or any other purchase I've made--from being used to recommend items to me?
There are two ways to exclude an item you've purchased or rated from being used in making recommendations for you:

Click the "Improve Your Recommendations" link below the tabs in the Recommended for You area. Locate the items you wish to exclude in the list of "Items I own," and check the "This was a gift" or the "Don't use for recommendations" option
From the "Why was I recommended this" list, check the "This was a gift" or the "Don't use for recommendations" option for those recommendation reasons you wish to exclude from being used to make future recommendations.

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CrystalStarr said:
Well of course I know that. What I want to know is why my recommendations center around those books that don't have those features enabled.
I doubt it's deliberate. Particularly with lending, it's just that all the major publishers opted out of the feature so the majority of books won't have it enabled - naturally that means most of the recommendations won't have it enabled. As for TTS, plenty of my recommendations have it enabled - maybe you're just unlucky?
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